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Welcome to Northampton Growers, founded in 1959 with offices located in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Our primary business is packing quality produce for distribution to chain stores, wholesale and terminal markets. Over the past 55 years, we have grown our operations to become one of the most respected produce companies in the United States.
“Our main goal is to provide a high quality product, in fresh condition, to our customers.”


To find out about the latest additions to our product list, read the company news, and much more - please visit our NEWS page.

As a manager of growers we offer support and supervision to ensure the product is in proper condition before packing. For a full line of fresh vegetables in which we are involved with please visit our PRODUCTS page.
Through the use of packing lines in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia, we have an ability to ensure a products freshness as well as convienance of transportation. At Northampton we strive to maintain a top quality pack through proper management and technique.
A modern fleet of refridgerated trucks ensure your orders will be delivered on time and in fresh condition. All drivers are trained, responsible and respectful exemplifying safety on the roads.